Stunning Bas-Relief Murals Transform Ordinary Walls Into Immersive Spectacles


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Murals can bring new life to the most ordinary spaces. An artist known as Bihuashiyuge proves this time and time again by transforming large walls into wonderful artistic compositions. Using a variety of materials such as plaster and paint, the China-based artist takes viewers on a visual journey.

“Join me as I explore the world of wall design and bring creativity to life in the most unique and inspiring ways,” the muralist states on  her YouTube channel. “From mesmerizing murals to stunning patterns, I'll take you on a journey of innovative techniques and imaginative ideas that will transform any space into a work of art. Get ready to be amazed and inspired as we explore the endless possibilities of wall design together!”

Through social media, Bihuashiyuge shares the creative process behind her bad-relief works of art, which seem to leap right off the wall. With reference photos in hand, the artist begins applying materials to the massive surface. Her installation of the Great Wall of China is positively mesmerizing.

As seen in her videos, the muralist starts with heaping slabs of putty she slaps onto the wall that serves as her large canvas. She creates a 3D composition by shaping and carefully carving bricks, steps, and more into the malleable material. She does so at varying lengths and angles to mimic depth, and then adds a range of greens, browns, and blues to animate the landscape. Once it’s complete, it's almost as if you could step foot right into one of the New Seven Wonder of the World.

Scroll down for more mesmerizing videos of Bihuashiyuge's process. To stay up to date with her latest creations, you can follow the artist on Instagram.

A muralist known as Bihuashiyuge transforms large-scale spaces into remarkable compositions.

Layering different materials together, she creates depth and texture.

Her bas-relief sculptures turn the wall they’re on into the spectacular focal point of a room.

Watch as she transforms an ordinary space, into something colorful and extraordinary.

Bihuashiyuge: Facebook | Instagram | XYouTube

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