Haunting Handwoven Wire Masks Blur the Line Between Surreal Sculpture and Stylish Fashion

Wearable art is equal parts fashionable and functional, bringing together the aesthetic eye and purposeful planning of artists and designers. Sculptor Giacomo Bevanati fills the roles of both artist and designer with his remarkably intricate wire masks. Each piece is meticulously handwoven to create an air of intrigue and mystery for the wearer.

Bevanati deftly manipulates the brass and steel wires with his skilled fingers. “It's some kind of a duel, really,” the London-based artist explains in his short documentary, Metal Love. “A dance, almost. The wire goes where I want it to go, and sometimes, I just have to follow it and find out where it takes me.”

Even more impressive, all of his designs are freehand creations. The artist does not have a clear pattern laid out when he starts, which means that each of his masks is 100% original; no other piece is exactly like it.

Many of Bevanati’s masks have a haunting aura, reminiscent of Renaissance Carnival and masquerade costumes. Instead of trying to obscure the wearer's identity, however, these masks are nearly transparent, allowing viewers to see most of the eyes and face of the person beneath. Some masks hug the face closely, essentially serving as a cover. Others are more elaborate, often modeled after animals—both real and from legend. Because of this, many of his masks feel as though they belong within the pages of a rich fantasy novel, instead of gracing our world with their beauty.

But not all of the artist's creations are classically inspired. Recently, he made a pair of gilded snapback caps, which he created using the same wire threading techniques he uses in all of his work. Bevanati's expansive portfolio also features a truly dapper silver top hat, which is sure to make anyone who wears it the star of their dinner party.

As impressive as they are, Bevanati's masks are far from the only wearable art he has created. He also has a storied career in designing three-dimensional sculptures, which are made out of the same woven wire as his masks. They often resemble real-life objects, including pineapples, pigs, and pipes. All are either made of silver or gold wire, adding an air of sophistication to his already stunning creations.

To keep up with Bevanati's creative journey, you can follow him on Instagram. For a full list of his masks, be sure to check out the photo gallery on his website.

Giacomo Bevanati is a London-based artist known for his intricate masks that he creates by weaving brass and steel wire together.

With their fantastical designs that are reminiscent of masks worn during the Italian Renaissance, many of his creations have an otherworldly feel to them.

Though he may not always know how the final product will look, there is often some sort of animal element to it.

Whether his creations are animalistic, mythical, or inspired by the human form, they are all surreal works of art that simultaneously give the wearer cover and draw attention to them.

Giacomo Bevanati: Website | Instagram | Facebook

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