March 20, 2024

Female Space Pioneer Makes History By Sending Jeff Koons’ Art to the Moon [Interview]

In late February 2024, history was made when the first female-led space company, 4SPACE, took Jeff Koons‘ art to the Moon. The successful launch makes Koons the first artist to have authorized artwork on the lunar surface and everything came together thanks to the vision of 4SPACE founder Chantelle Baier. Baier founded 4SPACE as a vehicle to bridge non-traditional space companies with the space industry.

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December 12, 2023

Artist Shares Secrets of How To Draw Incredibly Realistic Portraits [Interview]

Brazilian artist Matheus Macedo is known for his incredibly realistic portraits. Using pencils and charcoal, he's able to infuse his drawing with an uncanny sense of realism. Macedo often focuses on famous faces, and he has a knack for incorporating rich detail in their facial features without losing the vitality that makes their personalities leap from the page.

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November 9, 2023

Artistic Views of the World’s Rivers and Deltas Created Using Lidar Data [Interview]

Graphics editor Daniel Coe has always been captivated by maps, and his love of cartography has only grown over the years. For the past several years, he has been creatively using this passion to make stunning artwork focused on the world's rivers. Coe takes advantage of open-source lidar data to put together evocative maps that tell the history of these rivers and deltas.

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October 19, 2023

Woman Gains Financial Freedom by Moving Into Backyard Tiny Home and Renting Out Main House [Interview]

A woman named Precious Price is a force of nature. As a digital marketing expert, she helped brands with their content strategy. And when she was able to purchase her first home, she transformed it into a career-changing investment. When Price was just 25 years old, she took advantage of extra space in her Atlanta backyard and constructed a 300-square-foot tiny home.

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