April 30, 2024

Broaden Your Creative Skills and Save Big With Our Abstract Painting Bundle

Whether it's Claude Monet‘s impressionist landscapes, Hilma Af Klint‘s mystical visual imagery or Jackson Pollock‘s drip paintings, chances are you love at least one artist who uses abstraction in their work. If you've been searching for inspiration to push your self as an artist, or even to try your hand at painting for the first time, consider My Modern Met Academy‘s Abstract Painting Bundle.

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April 9, 2024

Get Inspired by Talented Artists Who Teach at My Modern Met Academy

At My Modern Met Academy, the instructors aren't just good teachers; they're also productive creatives. By diving into their social media, you can not only see what new, exciting projects they are working on but also get inside tips on the life of a professional artist. We've collected some new work from around the My Modern Met Academy instructor network to get you excited and inspired for your next creative project.

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March 12, 2024

This Book Is a Step-By-Step Guide To Creating Stunning Architectural Illustrations Like a Pro

Self-taught artist and illustrator Demi Lang teaches the most popular class at My Modern Met Academy, Architectural Illustration for Everyone. In it, she takes students along with her as she completes an illustration using colored pencils and ink. Now, she's revealing even more of her tips and tricks in her book, Drawing and Illustrating Architecture. This step-by-step guide includes over 200 pages of instruction that will allow anyone to learn architectural illustration.

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February 20, 2024

Adorable Portraits of Senior Dogs Still Full of Adorable Personality

Australian pet photographer Belinda Richards of Frog Dog Studios is known for her ability to highlight the soul of her furry subjects. The results are images that become cherished keepsakes of these animals' owners. This is particularly true of the senior dogs that Richards photographs, many of whom have been in their family's lives for over a decade.

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